Liberal Judicial Perceptions on Live-in-Relationships : Dignified Lives without Marriage

  No doubt exists as to that the people in India have lived together beyond and outside marriage even in the past. But the present scenario is different in two aspects – firstly the relationships in earlier days were kept… Continue Reading

Live-blogging or Live-video vis-a-vis Section 126 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951?

Owing to the entire election-fiasco, this blog post is directed towards an intruiging question of whether addressing a crowd via live-video by any politician immediately before elections violates Section 126(1) of Representation of People Act, 1951? The whole heated &… Continue Reading

More countries opt for Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses

“A nation’s riches lie both in its people and in its natural resources. Neither can exist in its highest estate without the other.” – Mary Huston Gregory Elephants, lions, tigers, primates, bears, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, and even giraffe, are the common… Continue Reading

Power to monitor Communications

We are constantly under fear of surveillance of the communication. Even prior to communications via the internet, the Government has always enjoyed control over traditional means of communications. How there has been a change regarding regulation upon the postal articles;… Continue Reading

Punishments for data breaches etc under the Aadhaar Law

Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016 provides for issuing  Aadhaar numbers to individuals and perform authentication thereof. Chapter VI (Sections 28-33) deals with protection of the information collected under the provisions of the Act.… Continue Reading

Is there anything such as a Right to Die?

Right to die (also referred to as Euthanasia) is the premature ending of the life of a suffering person. Euthanasia encompasses various dimensions, from active (introducing something to cause death) to passive (withholding treatment or supportive measures); voluntary (consent) to… Continue Reading

Apex Court’s Judgment in Lok Prahari vs. Union of India on Amendment of Form 26, The Conduct of Elections Rules,1961

1. Background The matter of declaring the  antecedents of the candidate during election has been brought before the Supreme Court in various petitions. In Union of India v. Association for Democratic Reforms & Another, (2002) 5 SCC 294, hereafter referred to… Continue Reading