Liberal Judicial Perceptions on Live-in-Relationships : Dignified Lives without Marriage

  No doubt exists as to that the people in India have lived together beyond and outside marriage even in the past. But the present scenario is different in two aspects – firstly the relationships in earlier days were kept… Continue Reading

Live-blogging or Live-video vis-a-vis Section 126 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951?

Owing to the entire election-fiasco, this blog post is directed towards an intruiging question of whether addressing a crowd via live-video by any politician immediately before elections violates Section 126(1) of Representation of People Act, 1951? The whole heated &… Continue Reading

More countries opt for Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses

“A nation’s riches lie both in its people and in its natural resources. Neither can exist in its highest estate without the other.” – Mary Huston Gregory Elephants, lions, tigers, primates, bears, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, and even giraffe, are the common… Continue Reading


Editor’s note: Background: When marriages break down, children are unnecessarily dragged into the legal battle between their parents over their custody. At times, one of the parents abducts the child to a different country of residence away from the outreach… Continue Reading

[Guest Post] Confusion confounded on Section 65B – Shafhi Mohammad Vs State of Himachal Pradesh

The post has been contributed by Sh.Vijayashankar Na. He is an Information Assurance consultant. He is a pioneer and an acknowledged expert in the field of Cyber Laws, without a formal degree in law . He has authored various books on… Continue Reading

Central Identities Data Repository under the Aadhaar law

In the previous posts, basics about Aadhaar, punishments for data breaches under Aadhaar law, sharing of information under Aadhaar law , Aadhaar and Privacy etc have been discussed. This post focusses on Central Identities Data Repository and how it is maintained by the… Continue Reading