Amendments to Sections 376A, 376D, 354 and 354 D(2) , IPC in Haryana

In 2013, the Parliament has made several amendments to the penal law to deal with sexual offences. Inspite of the Criminal Law Amendment Act,2013 the number of such crimes has been on a rise. In the light of increasing number of rapes and sexual offences against minor girls in Haryana, the Government has introduced amendments to relevant provisions under IPC.

In case of rape or gang rape of a girl below 12 years of age, there will be a punishment of death or rigorous imprisonment of not less than 14 years which may extend to imprisonment for life — that is for remainder period of person’s natural life. In case of gang rape, provision for fine has been introduced. Such fine shall be just and reasonable to meet the medical expenses and rehabilitation of the victim.

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