Australian Panel of Experts on Environmental Law launched a ‘Blueprint’

Australian Panel of Experts on Environmental Law (APEEL) launched a blueprint recently. The panel comprised of environmental law practitioners, academics with international standing and a retired judge of the Federal Court. The blueprint has been made after study over several years.

The panel said that the need for change arose from Australia’s failing biodiversity and the threat of climate change. It called for a comprehensive rethink of how the nation protects its natural landscapes. It discussed 12 themes and made 57 recommendations for change. It identified eight ‘core’ reform themes as follows –

  • Foundations for Environmental Law: Goals, Objects, Principles and Norms;
  • Environmental Governance;
  • Terrestrial Biodiversity and Natural Resource Management;
  • Marine and Coastal Issues Climate Law;
  • Energy Regulation;
  • The Private Sector, Business Law and Environmental Performance;
  • Democracy and the Environment.

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