Minimum Age for Marriage in India

Various personal legislations in India prescribe the age for marriage. In an earlier post here, we discussed the right to choice in marriage. This post discusses the relevant provisions under various laws as follows- Hindu Marriage Act,1955 Section 5 (iii)  provides… Continue Reading

Common Cause vs. Union of India and Another (2018)

Background The Law Commission submitted 196th report on The Medical Treatment of Terminally-ill Patients (Protection of Patients and Medical Practitioners) Bill, 2006. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare was not in favour of the enactment. Earlier here, various aspects related to… Continue Reading

M.C. Mehta And Anr vs Union Of India & Ors , AIR 1987 SC 1086

M.C. Mehta And Anr vs Union Of India & Ors, AIR 1987 SC 1086 is a landmark case in India with regard to the evolution of absolute liability principle. The present post summarises the facts of the case alongwith the… Continue Reading

Definition of Industry – Landmark Decisions

Section 2(j), Industrial Disputes Act,1947 has defined the term industry. It has been interpreted over the years by the judiciary. This post highlights some of the cases where the term ‘industry’ has been defined , explained and elaborated – State… Continue Reading

Union Of India And Another vs Tulsiram Patel And Others (1985)

Union Of India And Another vs Tulsiram Patel And Others, AIR 1985 SC1416 is a significant case under the administrative law. This post discusses the facts, contentions and the decision of the Apex Court – Facts of the case –… Continue Reading

Efforts towards Videography to improve Criminal Justice System in India

In the earlier post here, we discussed how the Apex Court has taken stance over the video recording of the court proceedings as well as the use of cameras in the Police stations. Does Indian Evidence Act, read with Information… Continue Reading

Summary of Triple Talaq case

The practice of ‘talaq-e-biddat’ can be traced to the second century, after the advent of Islam. It is recognized only by a few Sunni schools. Most prominently, by the Hanafi sect of Sunni Muslims. The practice is still widely prevalent… Continue Reading