Pharma Patents : Biologic’s drugs and ever greening of patents

Pharma is an expensive, time consuming and uncertain process that may take many years to complete. The useful new drugs are patented, protecting them from competition and allowing them to charge high prices. When the patent ends, other companies are… Continue Reading

Courts can rely on electronic record without certificate: Supreme Court

  A Bench comprising of Justice U U Lalit and A K Goel recently in Shafhi Mohammad versus The State of Himachal Pradesh (30 January ,2018) considered “whether videography of the scene of crime or scene of recovery during the investigation should be… Continue Reading

Solid Waste Management Rules Towards Swach Bharat Mission

  With the growing emphasis of Swachh Bharat, motivational advertisements with various big celebrities have become common. Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 empowers the the Central Government to make Rules to implement the provisions of the Act. In 2016, the Union Ministry of… Continue Reading

Utility Model Patent w.r.t USA and INDIA

“Don’t design for some, when it can be Utilized by many “ There are three types of patents available in USA .Utility model is one of them. It is based on the requirement of ‘usefulness’ i.e. the claimed ‘use’ should… Continue Reading


“ There are 3 Eras of currency : Commodity based currency  , politically based currency and Crypto currency i.e virtual currency “ Even with the increase in the trading of Cryptocurrency (Virtual/Digital) among traders in India,  the legality is still… Continue Reading

Whether stamping of Power of Authority is necessary ?

Unlike most other jurisdictions, in India no document is valid legally, unless it is stamped under the appropriate Indian Stamp Act. This extends to documents such as power of attorneys, agreements, assignment deeds, affidavits, conveyances, licenses and the like. The… Continue Reading