[Career Talk] Mr. Jaydeep Mehta, Designated Partner, Lexstreet  Advisors  LLP, Advocates & Solicitors

 Mr. Jaydeep Mehta is a Designated Partner, Lexstreet Advisors LLP,  Advocates & Solicitors. He may be reached at jaydeep.mehta@outlook.com. In this post, he has discussed about specific Career options for the law students –

You have done B.Com as well as LLB & LLM. Has a degree in Commerce given you a better understanding of working of the corporate sector in India? 
Commerce degree does help in understanding laws, analytical thinking, and grasping Commercial laws in much better way.
Whether the economic reforms (post-1990s) gave a push to the career in corporate laws and business matters for law graduates in India? 
 Economic liberalization of the Indian economy has given a tremendous push to a career in Corporate laws. Introduction of new generation laws like Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code 2016,  Companies Act, 2013,  Corporate Governance Guidelines, revised and effective CSR guidelines, amendments to FEMA, Benami Properties law,  regular amendments to SEBI Regulations have certainly opened new areas of practice for Senior as well as junior lawyers.
Which has been the most interesting experience (matter) handled by you in your career till now?

Handling of M&A assignment of one MNC company, handling insolvency matters in NCLT, Mumbai are a few interesting assignments handled by me.

What would be your words of advice to the aspiring advocates, who feel discouraged to join litigation as a Career?
Our country is in a shortage of good litigation lawyers. I would advise them to read the law thoroughly and analyze the various provisions of law in depth and work under a Senior Advocate for a couple of years. They need to understand their professional duties towards the court of law and protect the interest of their clients. They should not consider only monetary benefits. They must attend various courts, especially High Courts to observe how Senior Advocates are representing the cases. Even by observing Senior Advocates in various courts, they can learn a lot. They must also draft petitions on their own by referring books, case laws etc. This will improve their practical knowledge.

What is the key to become a successful Corporate lawyer? 

One needs to have a passion to study law and analyze the provisions of law to be a successful Corporate Lawyer. I would advise aspiring corporate lawyers to attend various seminars on corporate laws being organized by other professional institutes like The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, The Institute of Company Secretaries of India etc. This will not only enhance their knowledge but also give them an opportunity to network with the professionals of such other institutes.  They must subscribe to various corporate law journals like SEBIi & Corporate Laws, Corporate Law Advisor, CS journal etc.

What are the career options in Securities laws?
There are very expertise available on Securities law in India. It is highly specialized subject and every law graduates from traditional law colleges do not understand or take interest in this area of law. There are ample opportunities in the Securities law practice.  Appearance before SEBI and SAT is very challenging and requires thorough understanding of Securities law, SEBI Rules & Regulations. Regular browsing of SEBI website i.e www.sebi.gov.in will be of great help to keep abreast of the latest developments in the Securities law. Moreover, in cases of IPOs, SME IPOs, Takeovers, Mergers, Demergers, Buyback etc., legal due diligence is compulsory and the knowledge of Securities law assume great significance.
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