[Career Talk] Mr. Munish Sehgal, Assistant Commisioner Of Police, Panchukla (Haryana)

Mr. Munish Sehgal completed his B.A.L.L.B (Hons.) from the University Institute of Legal Studies, Himachal Pradesh University , Shimla in 2010. He did his L.L.M. from Kurukshetra University. From the beginning of his law course, he was dedicated for joining the Police Services. He joined the Haryana State Police Services in 2013. He has served in Gurugram and Panchkula during the last years.

How has been your experience as a law student / your college days memories?

Very good memories but what I feel that there should be a clarity in mind about the future prospect from the very initial period of college.

What would be your advice to the students aspiring to join State Police Services?
Very demanding and requires a lot of energy/patience. Since this is a force where you are dealing with the society, in which one party will be against you at all times.
Do you that have the edge being a law graduate in Police Services?
Yes, it gives an edge especially over theoretical part though practically it is different.
What are the cases that supervise most often?
Investigation in corruption cases,  SC& ST cases and others which are marked or in which special investigation team is made.

The society often misunderstands the time and dedication given by the Police officials. Do you have any advice/words for the common people about working of the Police Department and its Role?

Doing and projecting your work are two different things.  You do whatever but through media and interaction with the public ( weaker section)  your work should be projected.

You have served in more than one District in your service till now, which district had the most hectic work schedule?
I am in Panchkula only for the last 3 years though only stayed in Gurugram for 6 months.  Every district has different work priorities.  In Panchkula,  protocol duty is more and crime is less but in Gurugram crime is more.
What are the most important skills in your opinion required in State Police Service?
Energy, confidence,  updation of knowledge and most important how to tackle pressure from public and in general.
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