[Guest Post] Indians, Foreigners, Deportation and Dual Citizenship

This post has been contributed by Mr.Anil Malhotra. He is BSc. LL.B (Punjab), LL.M (London) and heads the firm Malhotra and Malhotra Associates, headquartered at Chandigarh, India. He has books “International Indians and the Law,” (2014), “Surrogacy in India :… Continue Reading

Constitutional Validity of Section 497, Indian Penal Code and Section 198(2),Criminal Procedure Code

Background Consensual sexual relations between two adults have been considered totally permissible by the Apex Court in India. (as discussed before here ). On the contrary, a sanctity and moral barrier is attached to the institution of marriage. When someone… Continue Reading

Arguments in favour and against the Constitutionality of Penal provisions for Defamation

Subramanian Swamy versus Union of India dealt with various writ petitions challenging the constitutional validity of Sections 499 and 500, Indian Penal Code. The Hon’ble Apex Court( 13 May,2016) summed up the contentions of both the parties as follows (Para… Continue Reading

Pharma Patents : Biologic’s drugs and ever greening of patents

Pharma is an expensive, time consuming and uncertain process that may take many years to complete. The useful new drugs are patented, protecting them from competition and allowing them to charge high prices. When the patent ends, other companies are… Continue Reading