Pharma Patents : Biologic’s drugs and ever greening of patents

Pharma is an expensive, time consuming and uncertain process that may take many years to complete. The useful new drugs are patented, protecting them from competition and allowing them to charge high prices. When the patent ends, other companies are… Continue Reading

[Guest Post] Aadhar Controversy and Privacy Rights

Editor’s Note: With the Aadhar controversy being overshadowed by several others, this post re-highlights those subduing issues. This post follows from our previous post, here, apprehending a linkage between Aadhar and mass surveillance. The post has been contributed by Ms Sushila… Continue Reading

Startups in India : Legal and Economic Perspective

Before one starts a business venture and also during its operations, it is imperative to know the External Business Environment where it operates. External Business Environment consists of Political, Economic, Technological, Legal and Ecological Environment which encompass aspects like government… Continue Reading

Dispute Resolution: Arbitration or Litigation? – ‘Ask an Expert’

Editor’s note: The scope of arbitration in India is gradually increasing. With a number of arbitration centers now set up across the country, we thought it would be best to pause and reflect on the growing scope of arbitration in… Continue Reading

Courts can rely on electronic record without certificate: Supreme Court

  A Bench comprising of Justice U U Lalit and A K Goel recently in Shafhi Mohammad versus The State of Himachal Pradesh (30 January ,2018) considered “whether videography of the scene of crime or scene of recovery during the investigation should be… Continue Reading

Right of daughters by birth under Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005

“The law relating to a joint Hindu family governed by the Mitakshara law has undergone unprecedented changes. The said changes have been brought forward to address the growing need to merit equal treatment to the nearest female relatives, namely daughters… Continue Reading

[Guest Post] Foreign Start-Ups Now Eligible for Patent Fee Reduction and Expedited Examination

This post has been contributed by Ms. Aparna Kareer. She is a Principal Associate, Obhan & Associates. She oversees the Patent filing department of the Firm. She conducts searches, drafts patent specifications and prosecutes them at the Indian Patent Office. She also… Continue Reading