[Guest Post] Cracks in the Pillars : Not Healthy for Indian Democracy

This post has been contributed by Dr Bhavna Sharma. She is presently working as Principal offg., Himcapes School of Law, Badhera, Haroli, Una, H.P.

As per the Indian Constitutional doctrine, Indian democratic, Republic is based on the four pillars of the Democracy and following are the Pillars:

  1. Government ( Executive) is the first Pillar of Democracy.
  2. Legislature (Parliament(RajyaSabha and LokSabha) & State Assemblies(Vidhan Sabha), etc) is the second pillar of Democracy.
  3. Judiciary (Supreme Court, High Court and all Other Judicial centres) is the third pillar of Democracy.
  4. Media (Newspaper, TV News Channel, Internet, Online News Portal,  Blogs & whatever which expresses people’s aspirations and view) is fourth and strongest Pillar of democracy.

We, as the citizens of India, have to understand that the essential principles of sound constitutional doctrine are not complex, controversial, or novel. In fact, they are the principles for building blocks of the rule of law, the unstated assumptions that undergird much of our critique (and our praise) of judicial opinions. Yet, in the present scenario, it seemed that we have lost sight to these basic principles. Instead, we are too abstract and not abstract enough that all the four pillars have cracked to a great extent and Indian democracy is not healthy as:

Cracks in Ist Pillar: We have a strong government with anti-national right-wing extremist elements who brazenly continue to disrupt the social fabric with its Hindutva agenda and a crumbling, dynastic, and the leaderless national opposition party. We have a plethora of regional and/or caste-based parties with populist agendas and democratic power to disrupt the legislative process of our Parliament.

For a healthy democracy, with a thriving legislature, we need to have a credible opposition. There are no serious debates about any legislative act.

Cracks in 2nd Pillar: It is no secret that our current crop of ministers is only puppets pulled by strings held by the PM.

Cracks in 3rd Pillar: Our judiciary is not only burdened with a huge backlog and a history of corruption, but the recent Press Release of four Judges has clearly shown the mistrust among the judges themselves and downfall of the supreme institution of Justice.

Cracks in 4th Pillar: The 4th Pillar has lost its sanctity a long time ago and today’s media is just a business venture as it is controlled and owned by corporate conglomerates.

Now the question arises can we heal these cracks? Yes, we can, if the silent ‘common man’, unchristened fifth and most important pillar of democracy come forward to solidify the cracks. Because this fifth pillar is the only hope for generations to come while all the other so-called pillars of our Democracy are not only deteriorating but are on the verge of collapse.

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