How to search for patents on Espacenet?

This post shows how to use Espacenet

Searching on Espacenet

Espacenet Home Page

It is the official search of the European Patent Office which contains data of more than 100 million patent applications from around the globe. An advantage of using Espacenet is that it has a Co-operative Patent Classification (CPC) search which allows an experienced user to search for patent using certain classifications. Carrying out patent search using classifications and sub-classifications allows you to be undertake more precise search. It will also save your time from being caught up in browsing unrelated patents. Just like movies are classified on the basis of their genre, similarly CPC search in Espacenet also classifies and sub-classifies all its patent data into thousands of classifications and sub-classifications.

On the left hand side of the Home Page you will be able to see three type of searches.

Types of searches

Smart Search allows the user to search for patents using simple keywords. These keywords could be any information related to the patent application. It is the easiest way to search for patents on Espacenet. You can undertake a smart search by entering the

  • name of the applicant, or
  • the jurisdiction of the patent (i.e. EP, US, JP, IN etc.), or
  • the year of publication, or
  • the keyword that marks the title of the invention.

Happy Patent Searching !

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