Inside a First Examination Report (FER) of a Patent Application in India

A First Examination Report (FER), also known as First Office Action in the U.S., is issued by the Indian Patent Office (IPO) only when the applicant files a Request for Examination (FORM 18 or 18A). A request for examination has to be filed within 48 months from the date of filing the patent application. For understanding the entire patent procedure see here, here, and here.


The following is a sample FER –

Note: This is just a sample FER and the objections that have been raised in this FER by the Controller are not exhaustive. Formal Objections might vary with respect to patent applications. A detailed post on all possible technical objections will follow soon. A list of all probable formal objections may be accessed from here.

Image from here.

Siddhant Sharma

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