Intellectual Propery & Rights: Things to Remember!


Copyright is a bundle of rights, but what rights does it exactly bestow on you? What exactly do you mean by economic and moral rights? How do you define what are economic and moral rights? Similarly, what right does a patent give to you? Does it give you the right to exploit your invention? What can you do after a patent is granted to you? What does a trademark exactly protect? Do they protect the mark or the product or service offered?

These are some of the questions that this post seeks to answer. This post has been inspired by a lecture during a course on Patent Law and Practice by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanal, a renowned IP attorney, Novelist and Author,  at School of Law, UPES Dehradun.

These are the very basic things that one must keep in mind while working as an IP attorney. Although all these type of rights are mentioned in the bare act itself, however, in academia not much attention is put on them, while in practice, knowledge about these rights should be at one’s fingertips!

What rights does copyright confer on the author of an original work?


What rights does patent confer on the true and first inventor?

What rights do trademarks protect?

A trademark protects the representation of one’s trade i.e. business representation. A trademark thus protects the goods and services associated with the business by protecting its representation.

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Siddhant Sharma

Siddhant is a Patent and Intellectual Property lawyer. He finds joy in exploring and writing about niche areas of law. He is finding better ways to describe the patent profession to a five-year old and a sixty-five year old.

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