What is so unique about the legal profession?


The reason a career in law is so recommendable and prevalent is due to its diversity. A student pursuing law can take up the following careers with just a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. The available opportunities in the legal field are as follows:

  1. Practicing Advocate – The main functions of a lawyer is to litigate, to provide service to the clients, to advise the clients on matters sought by them, to represent the clients whether prosecution or defense in both trial and appellate courts.
  2. Judge- A law graduate can become a Judge or a Magistrate and use this position to ensure that the disputes are settled fast and in accordance to principles of natural justice, they preside over all the court proceedings and are empowered to give rulings in favour of the deserving party in a dispute.
  3. Arbitrator and other ADR professionals – They may act as professional Arbitrator, Meditator etc. They ensure that the disputed between parties are settled in a smooth and amicable manner. They guide and persuade the parties to arrive at a compromise or at a settlement without going to the court as such.
  4. Others- There are many other careers available to a law student such as a forensic expert, law firm administrator, in-house counsel, Paralegal, stenographer, court clerk, law professor, Legal career counselor, Dean of a law school, litigation support professional, legal analyst, conflict analyst, civil servants

Making a difference

As members of the legal system, we have to understand the main objective of the law, which is to regulate and influence human behaviour. Today, we have laws for everything, from major crimes to simple things like construction of roads. We have laws that are of civil, criminal and constitutional nature. All of these laws, in the end, aim at regulating the behaviour of the members in the society. Since the laws restrict most of the wrong activities, humans, as a result, become more obedient.  For instance, more people wear helmets while riding, because it has been penalised by the law. This has helped alter their behaviour. Law ensures that people are more responsible. Lawyers can help change the world by helping and representing the vulnerable sections of the society. They can help represent the victims of child labour, forced labour, trafficking, domestic abuse, elderly, abandoned, and any other groups of people who are not in a mental or economic position to voice their opinions and concerns.


We all know that law is a noble and prestigious profession, but have we ever wondered why?. It is because a large number of people depend on the lawyers to obtain fairness, equity and justice. The lawyers become officers of the court, and this is no piece of cake. They have to finish their graduation, pass an All India Bar examination and only then can they start practicing. Law is one of the most honourable professions because of the power, prestige, and dignity attached to this position. Lawyers put behind their self-interest and work toward the betterment of their client. Cause above self has always been the motto of lawyers and thus they are they are so great. The lawyers diligently work towards helping their client get justice and to punish the wrongdoers. The judges, similarly, work in a humble and diligent manner to ascertain which party is right and which is wrong. They provide judgment in such a manner as to punish the wrongdoer but also to compensate for the victims’ loss. Because of this unrestricted power, they are considered prestigious.

Opportunity to work with and represent famous people and build network

Although this might not happen at the beginning of a legal career, with eventual career growth and success, the chances to work with important personalities and famous people increases. For instance, a successful Cyber lawyer may get a chance to work with CEO’S of IT companies, such as Salil Parekh, The Ambanis, Tim Cook, etc. In case they are working for the Media Industry, they can work with famous people such as singers, Actors and famous directors of movies. In case they are working for the Government, they can work with the ministers of various departments such as Ministry of defense, Telecommunication, Health, Law and justice, Etc. The more success a lawyer gets in his career, the more are his chances to represent famous people. Thus, lawyers can be around such famous and inspirational people during the case and have the honour to represent them as well. Working with such people helps build one’s network in the legal field.

Remuneration and Travel

Although money is not the sole reason to pursue any career, it cannot be avoided. Income is at the end of the day our only source of livelihood. We cannot merely run behind what interests us and what we are passionate about without considering the financial aspects. Thankfully, the legal field is a perfect blend of passion and pay. It is an interesting and challenging field, but also is well paying. In India, lawyers working in the courts get paid a salary based on the type of law they are practicing. The pay of a practicing lawyer is directly proportional to his experience. Lawyers have good earning potential, but the pay depends on a number of factors such as location, experience, Number of cases the firm is currently handling, etc. Further, Lawyers’ job is no longer a 9-5 desk job as it used to be once upon a time. Nowadays, legal jobs involve a lot of travelling. Traveling can be within the city, between two cities, within the country or even travelling abroad as the circumstances may demand. In case of International law cases, they have to travel to the country of the party involved. Thus a lawyer’s job is not only well paying but also travel-oriented and challenging.

The post has been contributed by Vasudha Krishnamurthy. She is currently a 4th-year student pursuing BBA, LLB(Hons) at Alliance School of Law, Alliance University, Bangalore.

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