IP Litigation Basics ‘Part-I’

This is the first post in a series of posts explaining and illustrating the basics and know-how of IP litigation in general.

Generally, IP laws consist of civil remedies in case of infringement. But Copyright Act,1957 and Trademark Act,1999 specifically consist of criminal remedies as well. The procedure discussed here is of civil suit filed in a infringement case.

Steps and procedure involved are as follows:

IP lit steps



IP lit 2



In the subsequent posts I shall be expound upon each and every step in detail and further explain how and why IP litigation could be inherently different from general civil and criminal litigation.

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Bharat Sharma

Bharat is a tech-savvy lawpreneur and graduating student who is ambitious about working in the field of intellectual property and commercial laws. He has completed his credit course in IP and Sustainable Product Design from Harvard University. He is responsible for executing the expansion plans of the blog. He writes when its right.

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