Organ Donation to be a new norm in Netherlands

On 13 February,2018, the Parliament of Netherlands passed a law that –

  • Makes all Dutch adults potential organ donors,  unless they opt out.
  • Every person over 18 who is not yet registered as a donor will receive a letter asking if they want to donate their organs after death. They will be able to choose the following options –

(a) yes,

(b) no,

(c) my next of kin will decide or a specific person will decide.

  • Those who do not respond to the first letter, or to a second letter six weeks later, will be considered organ donors.
  • They can amend their status at any time.

Similar provision also exists in countries in Belgium and Spain.

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Saumya Snehal

Saumya Snehal is a 3rd year BBA LLB student at Chanakya National Law University. Always a bibliophile, she loves to read, research and write on anything and everything legal. She has a insatiable appetite for knowledge and explores the same through indulging in various internships so that to constantly grow and become a better version of herself. She especially has an interest in corporate law and social legislations.

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