Success Lessons for an Aspiring Lawyers! :6. The Virtue of Constructive Arguments

This post is in continuation of our previous posts here, here, here ,here and hereThe post has been contributed by Dr. Mohan Dewan, Advocate, Patent & Trademark Attorney. He has over 40 years of professional and teaching experience in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. He heads R.K.Dewan & Co.Mumbai. Dr. Mohan Dewan may be reached at

From time immemorial the Legal Profession is respected and popular for its Logical outlook and Wisdom, among many other qualities. Well, having been in the profession for a couple of decades now, the one quality I personally believe a lawyer must possess and a law student must strive to inculcate is The Art of Constructive Argumentation. You may go on to ask, what exactly are ‘Constructive Arguments’? It is simply the ability to not accept anything on face-value.

Takeaway 1: Question everything that you hear-

In order to stay vibrant, one must never give up inquisitiveness. Question everything that you hear.All successful minds in the profession possess this quality.

I would suggest, don’t be afraid to question. Question everyone you interact with – be it teachers, friends, family, judges. It will help in the development of an analytical mind.

Takeaway 2 : Avoid futile arguments

However, people often misunderstand this approach and tend to argue without a cause, which turns out to be futile. Such futile arguments are not only devoid of any knowledge or base, but also let the opposite person label you as a ‘Rebel without a cause’.

Takeaway 3 : Be well-informed through authentic and original sources-

However, in order to put forth an argument, you must first be well-informed.

So I would suggest taking small steps at a time, start with questioning every news piece you read, every so-called news update you read on social media find out the crux, find out what exactly happened and not from blogs but official websites/authentic sources. Verify such ‘facts’ from authentic sources.

Takeaway 4- Have the zest in you to find out the truth-

One must keep the zest to find out the truth about the facts. At this moment, in our nation circulating incorrect information has reached alarming heights. Let the upcoming lawyer fraternity not be a prey to this and make an effort to address this issue. This practice will also result in-

  • Gaining knowledge on the subject,
  • Not getting carried away by the perspective of others,
  • Forming your own opinions.

As a lawyer standing in court before a Bench, it is this quality which will attract the ears of the judges. I believe ‘The Art of Constructive Arguments’ will definitely set a student apart from the rest, making her/him, shine in the profession of law and in addition also enable the mind to be more vibrant.

As a cue to all the prospective lawyers, I would conclude by saying; “People lie, Evidence/Facts don’t”.

Trust your own findings! Happy Arguing!

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