Success Lessons for an Aspiring Lawyers! – 4. Have the “Right Attitude”

The post has been contributed by Adv. Adesh C Jain. He graduated in law from the Faculty of Law, Delhi University in 1987. He currently advises multi-national conglomerates on corporate and commercial matters. He also helps people probono through his Facebook page – Law For The Layman & Guidance.

If one has to develop a single skill that can help to develop a Law student into a better Lawyer, it would be a single word-


Attitude encompasses almost everything.

Now how does one develop the right Attitude?

For that, one needs to work on one’s mindset, one’s personality.

Most of us hone our legal skills and forget to develop our personality. As we progress in life, we realize we could have done better had we not been temperamental, had we been more of a listner, had we kept our cup of knowledge half full (i.e. open to receiving newer ideas).

I practiced Law for about 10 plus years before turning as an in-house Counsel to Big Companies. I remember an interesting event that happened. A Law intern from a  reputed Law school was asked by a junior colleague of mine to bring a file to me ( I was in another building). The intern felt humiliated. He brought the file and left his internship midway soon thereafter. I was left wondering at the attitude of this intern. I recalled how privileged we used to feel when, as young Lawyers, upon joining a Senior Counsel, we used to be asked by him to carry his files to Court and be alongside him.

Another incident, I recall is when a very elderly person in one of my Companies, commented on my work and explained to me the virtues of Attitude. It was in the context of my trying to shirk some work as an in-house Counsel which I felt strictly did not require Legal department help ( I overlooked the fact that in the end, too many tight regimentations do not help).

Though I was a skilled lawyer, my lack of patience sometimes got the better of me and pulled me down.

As I benchmarked myself to other people who rose well above me, I realized that with better Attitude, I would have been a much more successful person in my Career.

Takeaway – So youngsters, hone your personality- be humble, ready to learn, respect your Seniors, develop resiliency, be patient and so on.

As stated in Srimad Bhagwad Geeta-

‘Karam kiye Jaa Fal ki Ichaa Na kar Re Insaan

Jaisa Karam Karega, Waisa Fal degaa Bhagwan’.

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