Success Lessons for Aspiring Lawyers! -10. Be Yourself and be Creative

The post is in continuation of our previous herehere,here ,here, here ,here , here  and hereThe post has been contributed by Mr.Gaurav Gupta. He is a Tax Consultant, specialising  in GST,  Income tax and wealth management with around six years of experience. He passed his Law degree from Delhi University. He is enrolled with Delhi High Court and is practicing at Delhi and Haryana.

Everyone has its own views and suggestion. One might say- you must be very active or enthusiast. But in my opinion that one quality which everyone must possess is “YOUR-SELF”.

Yes, “YOUR-SELF” think again about it.

Every person in the universe is different from each other just like the five fingers of a hand. We cannot compare any finger to the other one. Even we cannot say that a particular finger is better than that finger. The ring finger has its own quality. It wears the best stones in the world. The index finger has the quality to hold and write with the pen. But amazingly, the little finger has the best quality in the whole world. SYMBOL OF LOO. Yes, even you don’t know the language of a particular region or country but this symbol always helps you to find the perfect place for your relaxation. Interestingly, the thumb is always used for the motivational purpose by doing thumbs-up because “darr- e aage jeet hai”.

Takeaway 1- Be what you are

The purpose of the above discussion comes on a conclusion that we all should be ourselves.

Takeaway 2- Polish your qualities

We all have our own qualities, we just have to polish them with our creativity. “YOUR-SELF” is such kind of skill which everybody has from his birth.

Here, I am not taking a name of any particular lawyer. Otherwise, we all start to think of ourselves in him.

I want you to see you in yourself. You are the best lawyer with “yourself quality”. 

Takeaway 3- Combine Creativity with ‘Yourself

When we mix “YOUR-SELF” with creativity, it will provide us with the best cup of coffee. These are best-brewed beans mixed with milk and sugar. The best lawyers just mix up their creativity to present the best. Creativity always works as sweet dish or toppings. Our law field is such kind of a profession where we always get the opportunity to become an Illusionist or Magician or even a film director. We try to show – what we want to show. We try to make the Courts believe what we want them to believe.  We create such illusion in their eyes that everyone thinks it to be real.

Combination of YOUR-SELF and Creativity are the two perfect ingredients for a lawyer of past, present, and future.

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