Success Lessons for Aspiring Lawyers! – 5. Master Public Speaking and Command of Language

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The post has been contributed by Mr.M.Rishi Kumar.  He is a practicing lawyer in Madras High Court. He has done B.Com, LL.B, and MCIArb. He commenced legal practice in Mumbai with Mulla & Mulla and AZB & Partners. He has written articles on varied subjects. He has two published novels to his credit.

A worldwide survey conducted revealed that the number one fear of people is not dying, it is public speaking. The significance of language and speaking in the work life of a lawyer cannot be overlooked.

Lord Denning in his much-acclaimed book ‘The Discipline of Law’ states that “…to succeed in the profession of law, one must seek to cultivate command of the language. Words are lawyer’s tools of the trade. When one is called upon to address a judge, it is one’s words which count most. It is by then that one will hope to persuade the judge of the rightness of his/her cause. Similarly, when a lawyer would be called upon to interpret a section in statute or a paragraph in a Regulation, one has to study the very words one by one – to the very last syllable. Even when one has to draw up a will or a contract, you will have to choose your words well. Since, the words you use, your client’s future may depend on them”.

Takeaway 1: Realize the value and power of words –

  • Seek to cultivate command of language;
  • Study the very words of a statute one by one , including the Preamble of the Act, objectives and all the Sections.
  • Choose your words well while drawing up contracts and other documents.

The key skill’s that a student of law should start working on developing every day is public speaking and command of the language.

Takeaway 2: Grab opportunities by participating in various competitions

An age-old adage states that practice makes one perfect. A student of law should utilize every opportunity he/she gets to speak or debate on every day issues. Innumerable debate competitions are conducted during the academic year and even moot-court competitions. The law students should take part in these debates and competitions. A student would realize that after every attempt at public speaking, he/she would be aware of how they can improve and develop more confidence in public speaking.

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