Success Lessons for Aspiring Lawyers !- 7.2 Cultivate Critical Reading Technique

The post is in continuation of our previous herehere,here ,here, here ,here , herehere and here. The post has been contributed by  Ms. Poonam Rawat, Chief Operating Officer, Dhir & Dhir Associates.  Since its inception in 1993, the firm has evolved as pioneers in offering diversified legal solutions in its niche practice areas, which include Corporate & Commercial, Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency, Antitrust & Competition, Banking & Finance, Capital Markets and Securities Law, Criminal Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, Labour & Employment, Environment, Governance Risk and Compliance, Infrastructure & Energy, Intellectual Property Rights, Joint Ventures, M&A / Private Equity and TMT.

The legal profession is not only one of the most prestigious profession but also one of the most enthralling and fascinating one. Whenever one thinks of the terms, law or lawyer, the first thing that comes to mind is the black-robed lawyer arguing his case before the court of justice. From this common perception, one might think that the way of speaking, framing of words and articulating your argument before the court are the most important skills that may be expected from a lawyer. However, in our view, one of the most critical skill that every lawyer should first master is to read efficiently and accurately.

It is true that to become a successful lawyer, one has to be skilled in various aspects but the skill of reading is the most important one. Therefore, a budding law student should work on honing his/her skills of reading to become a successful lawyer tomorrow.

Takeaway 1 – Be well acquainted with the various changes happening around :

The importance of reading comes at various stages for a lawyer. Firstly, the law is a dynamic profession and it is dependent upon the society around, the way of thinking, political thought, ideologies etc. Therefore, every law student should be well acquainted with the various changes happening around and the ideologies which influence the thought process. Apart from the academic books on various subjects, a law student should be reading newspapers/legal updates every day thoroughly to keep himself/herself updated. This habit forms the very foundation of all the other skills that a lawyer should possess.

Takeaway 2 – Be research-oriented

Secondly, one should be research oriented as it is one of the most fundamental aspects of being a lawyer. However, to be a good researcher one needs to be adept at reading. Legal research involves hours of reading and analysis of various issues including the views taken by courts in landmark judgments in an attempt to understand the reasoning behind that might be helpful in the application going forward. It is therefore imperative that to be a good researcher one needs to read a lot.

Reading improves the concentration power of any individual. The lawyers are assigned a lot of duties in the course of their work. Therefore, to achieve the best results, they need to be focused on what they are doing. The importance of concentration cannot be disregarded. For example, in client discussions, court proceedings or even during research and reading judgments, a lawyer needs to be organized and know how to handle a case efficiently.

Therefore, in our view, reading is an essential skill that a lawyer must possess as it lays the foundation for enhancing other skills that goes a long way in making one a successful lawyer.

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