Success Lessons for Aspiring Lawyers!- 9. Learn from Seniors

The post is in continuation of our previous posts here,here,here,here, here,here,here and here. The post has been contributed by Ms. Charu Ambwani, Advocate.

Mr. Fali Nariman in his book “God save the Hon’ble Supreme Court” has said –

“However old you be, or howsoever old you get, may you always have the vigor and the enthusiasm of youth, to appreciate the enormity and magnificence of the Law and the will to unravel the mysteries and the mistakes in the Law.”

The vigor to unravel the mysteries of law and to grasp the mistakes/ loopholes of law comes with experience, and one can experience this stage only with hard work and sincerity. A passing remark was once made by one of the most respected senior advocates of the country, Mr. Soli Soranbjee, that a young law graduate may not be quick with law, but should be sincere with his approach towards the profession.

Knowledge comes from awareness, and sincerity comes from within.

Takeaway 1 – Be inspired by seniors in the profession 

We have jurists, judges, senior advocates to inspire us in all phases of this profession, and the common thread which binds them all this dedication and sincerity.  We as the young professionals will get ample time to read judgments, journals, briefs, authorities, but the vigor to learn more than what is written, is what is called sincerity.

The spark in the eyes of a senior to have cracked the case, or to have dissected the law, is an unknown feeling. The excitement is beyond words!

Takeaway 2 – Respect own conscience

The idea is not to pay respect to the seniors or the legends, but to respect our own conscience, to promise our own selves that we would be sincere and faithful to whatever is being done and to take small steps towards the legendary footprints of our seniors.

“Precedence” is the key towards the profession, “Research” gives us light, “Knowledge” gives us the power and “Experience” gives us the courage to fight this humble battle.

Takeaway 3 – Be open to seek help and guidance

We, as young professionals should never be afraid to seek help and guidance from our seniors and should follow their footsteps, with utmost sincerity and willingness to learn more.

Takeaway 4 – Observe Seniors and their thinking process

Learning is an ongoing process, there is never a day when you don’t learn. Life experiences teach us the most in this profession, and applying those teachings of life, is an art. We learn that art from our seniors and their thinking process. To understand how a senior thinks, and how his mind churns a dispute, is indeed a magical feeling!

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