Liberal Judicial Perceptions on Live-in-Relationships : Dignified Lives without Marriage

  No doubt exists as to that the people in India have lived together beyond and outside marriage even in the past. But the present scenario is different in two aspects – firstly the relationships in earlier days were kept… Continue Reading

Why Men presumed Guilty : Need for harmonious interpretation of laws

The Constitution of India under its various provisions aims at ‘equality’. This equality has to be irrespective of various factors – religion, age, place of birth and gender etc. One important point is that the equality has to be among… Continue Reading

Prohibition of Display of Cruelty to Animals in India

Article 51A (g) of Constitution of India provides that it shall be the duty of every citizens of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life, and to have compassion for living creatures.… Continue Reading

RBI’s Position with regard Virtual Currencies in India

Bitcoin as most common Virtual Currency Bitcoin is a decentralized payment framework that depends on proof of work. Initially presented in 2009, it is rising digital currency. Bitcoin is as of now coordinated over a few organizations and has a… Continue Reading

Breastfeeding: Right of a newborn child and the mother

This post makes an attempt to draw a background to, and subsequently scrutinize, the question, recently posed by the Madras HC, as to “why the Parliament should not enact a law making it obligatory on the part of women to… Continue Reading

[Guest Post] Why Triple Talaaq should be Criminalised?

This post has been contributed by Ms Karuna Maharaj. Karuna is an independent legal practicioner specializing in Indirect Taxation. She can be reached at In this post she discusses arguments in favour of criminalisation of Triple talaq. Many Muslim women in… Continue Reading

SEBI approached Ministry of Finance for amendment in the procedure of removal of the members

Securities and Exchange Board of India has approached the Ministry of Finance  with regard to amendment in the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act, 1992. The Board has requested to make the ‘removal procedure’ of the members of the… Continue Reading

Sitting and Timings of Supreme Court

Supreme Court Rules, 2013 have been made by the Supreme Court of India,  in exercise of the powers conferred under Article 145 of the Constitution of India. Earlier the Supreme Court Rules,1996 regulated its working. Order II of the Supreme Court Rules, 2013… Continue Reading


Till 45 years of striving in the skepticism regarding anything foreign in the aftermath of a gruesome colonial rule and belief that political independence can only be sustained in the face of economic independence, India remained isolated from the global… Continue Reading