Remedies for Infringement of Copyright under The Copyright Act,1957

Section 51 deals with what constitutes the infringement of copyright under The Copyright Act,1957. It also deals with exceptions to¬†infringement of copyright. The true test to determine infringement is when a trader, spectator or viewer after having read or seen… Continue Reading

An overview of copyright related rights

The field of copyright and related rights has expanded enormously during the last several decades with the spectacular progress of technological development that has, in turn, yielded new ways of disseminating creations by such forms of communication as satellite broadcasting… Continue Reading

Can you be held liable for framing copyrighted content?

In the context of a webpage, a “Frame” is a bordered area within that webpage acting as an independent browser window in itself showing the content of a secondary target webpage or website. Framing allows the viewer screen to split… Continue Reading

Filing a Regular Bail Application in High Court

Let’s assume that an individual named ‘Z’ has been arrested – after successful raid by Police officials (under Section 64 of the Copyright Act, 1957) – for allegedly reproducing and selling infringing copies of books of a person named ‘X’,… Continue Reading