All you need to know about Section 377, Indian Penal Code

The Supreme Court’s verdict in Justice K S Puttuswamy (Retd.) & Anr vs. Union of India on August 24th of 2017 declaring Right of Privacy as a fundamental right part of Article 21- Right to Protection of Life and Personal… Continue Reading

No viable method other than hanging: Oral Submission of Central Government

Advocate Rishi Malhotra had filed a petition last year before the Supreme Court of India seeking dignified death for the convicts. He had submitted that death by lethal injection is practised in several States in the U.S. The Law Commission… Continue Reading

[Guest Post] Why Triple Talaaq should be Criminalised?

This post has been contributed by Ms Karuna Maharaj. Karuna is an independent legal practicioner specializing in Indirect Taxation. She can be reached at In this post she discusses arguments in favour of criminalisation of Triple talaq. Many Muslim women in… Continue Reading

MP and Rajasthan moot Death Penalty in case of Rape with Minors

Madhya Pradesh has passed The Dand Vidhi (Madhya Pradesh Sansodhan) Vidheyak, 2017, to amend the IPC and CrPC. The main provisions are – Award of capital punishment to those found guilty of raping children below the age of 12, harsher… Continue Reading

New Reward Policy in case of Seizure of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances

Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has issued new Guidelines for grant of rewards to be paid to officers, informers and other persons in case of seizures of Narcotics drugs, Psychotropic substances .Narcotics Control Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs… Continue Reading


Family is where life begins and love never ends. However, most unfortunately, this institution is depreciating in value and meaning. The Constitution of India imposes a fundamental duty upon the parents to ensure education to their children, but is that… Continue Reading

Sexual Violence in India

The term “sexual violence”, broadly interpreted, includes aggressive and abusive behaviours of different intensity and consequences, from unwanted touching to forced intercourse and rape. It refers to a spectrum of behaviors that are sexually aggressive, including physical, verbal and virtual… Continue Reading

Filing a Regular Bail Application in High Court

Let’s assume that an individual named ‘Z’ has been arrested – after successful raid by Police officials (under Section 64 of the Copyright Act, 1957) – for allegedly reproducing and selling infringing copies of books of a person named ‘X’,… Continue Reading