IPR for Medium and Small Scale Industries (MSMEs)

Editor’s note: Small-scale industries (SSIs) are  the backbone of world economythe industrial structure mostly because of the fact that, the development of such industries helps in the overall development of the economic, social and industrial structure of the country. While… Continue Reading

Class of Articles under Designs Act,2000 and Design Rules,2001

The Locarno Classification is established by the Locarno Agreement,1968. It is an international classification used for the purposes of the registration of industrial designs. It presents the list of goods in class and subclass order. India has not signed Locarno… Continue Reading

Register of Designs and Certificate of Registration (Part 3)

The previous post discussed how the Controller may accept or refuse an application for registration of designs under the Designs Act,2000. This post discusses the third stage – the acceptance of application is followed by registration of design as follows-… Continue Reading

Acceptance of Application and Decision of Controller with regard to Registration of Designs (Part 2)

The previous post discussed the first stage (filing of the application). After the submission of an application to the Controller, the second stage consists of either acceptance or refusal by the Controller. A. Procedure for Acceptance of Application Rule 17… Continue Reading

Remedies for Infringement of Copyright under The Copyright Act,1957

Section 51 deals with what constitutes the infringement of copyright under The Copyright Act,1957. It also deals with exceptions to infringement of copyright. The true test to determine infringement is when a trader, spectator or viewer after having read or seen… Continue Reading

Administration of Intellectual Property Rights in India : Nodal Departments

Intellectual property in India is regulated by several laws, rules and regulations under the jurisdiction of different Ministries/ Departments. The statutes governing different kinds of IPRs in India are Patents Act, 1970; Trade Marks Act, 1999; Designs Act, 2000; Geographical… Continue Reading

Utility Model Patent w.r.t USA and INDIA

“Don’t design for some, when it can be Utilized by many “ There are three types of patents available in USA .Utility model is one of them. It is based on the requirement of ‘usefulness’ i.e. the claimed ‘use’ should… Continue Reading

Protection of various Works under Intellectual Property Laws in India

This post is next in the series to compile the legislative provisions protecting intellectual properties in India. The present post enumerates the ‘works’ protected under different laws in India. At times, for the common man, it becomes difficult to know… Continue Reading

Legislative Framework vis-a-vis Intellectual Property Rights in India

Property designates those things that are commonly recognized as being the possessions of an individual or a group. A right of ownership is associated with property that establishes the good as being “one’s own thing” in relation to other individuals… Continue Reading