[Guest Post] Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and its Intellectual Property (IP) Interface

This post has been contributed by Mr. Tarun Khurana. He is a Partner and Patent Attorney at Khurana & Khurana (K&K) and IIPRD. He has over 14 years experience in a broad range of Intellectual Property subject matters. His education… Continue Reading

Draft Trademark Caution Notice [Sample]

A caution notice gives notice to third parties that the subject trademark (referred to in the notice) is a trademark of another (your client). It further cautions the third party against unauthorized use of the subject trademark, or otherwise they… Continue Reading

How to bypass Novelty objection in FER vis-a-vis patent application?

In order to overcome objection made by the Controller in the First Examination Report (FER), with regard to novelty, I generally undertake the following steps in order to make an appropriate response to the objections raised. There is no straight… Continue Reading

India’s first Intellectual Property Exchange Hub [ipexchange.in]

The Federation of Indian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (FISME), with support of the prosperity fund through British High Commission in India, have established and IPR Exchange , an online platform for commercial exchange of Intellectual property rights (IPR) (http://www.iprexchange.in/index.php).… Continue Reading

An overview of copyright related rights

The field of copyright and related rights has expanded enormously during the last several decades with the spectacular progress of technological development that has, in turn, yielded new ways of disseminating creations by such forms of communication as satellite broadcasting… Continue Reading

Filing a Regular Bail Application in High Court

Let’s assume that an individual named ‘Z’ has been arrested – after successful raid by Police officials (under Section 64 of the Copyright Act, 1957) – for allegedly reproducing and selling infringing copies of books of a person named ‘X’,… Continue Reading