How to bypass Novelty objection in FER vis-a-vis patent application?

In order to overcome objection made by the Controller in the First Examination Report (FER), with regard to novelty, I generally undertake the following steps in order to make an appropriate response to the objections raised. There is no straight… Continue Reading

Indian Patent Procedure 3 -‘Client2Attorney’

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Indian Patent Procedure 2 – ‘Client2Attorney’

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Indian Patent Procedure – ‘Client2Attorney’

Client’s mail Dear Mr L & P, I am the inventor of ABC invention, I wish to file for a patent in India, and maybe overseas also. Can you elaborate upon the entire Indian patent procedure? Regards, Mr X Attorney’s… Continue Reading

Patent Infringement Analysis – Part-II

In a previous post, I had covered the basics of patent infringement and how to ascertain literal infringement of a patent claim vis-à-vis all element rule. In this post, I shall be covering the basics of infringement by equivalence and… Continue Reading

Patent Infringement Analysis [with example] -Part-I

In simple terms, patent infringement occurs whenever a person exercises the exclusive rights of a patent holder without his/her authorization, within the country of patent grant and during the term of the patent. Upon analysis, a patent will be considered… Continue Reading

Industrial applicability requirement for patent grant in India

There are three basic requirements for patent grant in India: (1) Novelty; (2) Inventive Step; and (3) Industrial Applicability. While many have expounded upon the first two requirements, only a handful of people, including academicians, have described what the third… Continue Reading