How to retrieve prosecution history of a corresponding foreign patent application?

The Indian Patent Office (IPO) requires the details of all foreign filings of a patent application under Section 8(1) of the Patents Act. Furthermore, in case the patent has been granted or refused or abandoned in any jurisdiction, the applicant… Continue Reading

What all types of Formal Objections can be countered in a First Examination report (FER)?

This post is in continuance of my previous post illustrating what’s inside a FER which is issued by the Indian Patent Office (IPO). In this post, I have listed all possible formal objections that may be made by the Controller… Continue Reading

Inside a First Examination Report (FER) of a Patent Application in India

A First Examination Report (FER), also known as First Office Action in the U.S., is issued by the Indian Patent Office (IPO) only when the applicant files a Request for Examination (FORM 18 or 18A). A request for examination has… Continue Reading

How to bypass Novelty objection in FER vis-a-vis patent application?

In order to overcome objection made by the Controller in the First Examination Report (FER), with regard to novelty, I generally undertake the following steps in order to make an appropriate response to the objections raised. There is no straight… Continue Reading

Indian Patent Procedure 3 -‘Client2Attorney’

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Indian Patent Procedure 2 – ‘Client2Attorney’

This is post is in continuation of Indian Patent Procedure. Dear Mr X, We write in furtherance of our letter dated December 13, 2017, apprising you of the filing process vis-a-vis the Indian patent procedure. In this mail, we will… Continue Reading

Indian Patent Procedure – ‘Client2Attorney’

Client’s mail Dear Mr L & P, I am the inventor of ABC invention, I wish to file for a patent in India, and maybe overseas also. Can you elaborate upon the entire Indian patent procedure? Regards, Mr X Attorney’s… Continue Reading

When to use patent search databases like Espacenet, USPTO Global Dossier, WIPO Patentscope?

This post is the first one in a series of upcoming posts on patent prosecution in India. Background Based upon the work that law firms in India undertake, according to me, patent prosecution can broadly be divided into two categories:… Continue Reading