Latest developments in the Companies Act- ‘Ask an Expert’

This post has been contributed by Mr. Gaurav Pingle, Principal at Gaurav Pingle & Associates. He may be reached at Companies Act, 2013 has been a significant legal reform in the Indian legal system. Several corporate governance provisions were… Continue Reading

Class of Articles under Designs Act,2000 and Design Rules,2001

The Locarno Classification is established by the Locarno Agreement,1968. It is an international classification used for the purposes of the registration of industrial designs. It presents the list of goods in class and subclass order. India has not signed Locarno… Continue Reading

Register of Designs and Certificate of Registration (Part 3)

The previous post discussed how the Controller may accept or refuse an application for registration of designs under the Designs Act,2000. This post discusses the third stage – the acceptance of application is followed by registration of design as follows-… Continue Reading

Uniform Civil Code for Gender Justice in India

Although the debate on Unifrom Civil Code (UCC) has been overshadowed by several other “useful” news, however, UCC remains a contentious topic till date. UCC means the codification of laws pertaining to all citizens irrespective of the religion they profess.… Continue Reading

Administration of Intellectual Property Rights in India : Nodal Departments

Intellectual property in India is regulated by several laws, rules and regulations under the jurisdiction of different Ministries/ Departments. The statutes governing different kinds of IPRs in India are Patents Act, 1970; Trade Marks Act, 1999; Designs Act, 2000; Geographical… Continue Reading

Intellectual Property Appellate Board

The Intellectual Property Appellate Board currently exercises jurisdiction over Trademarks, Patents, Geographical Indications and Copyright Cases. The IPAB has its headquarters at Chennai.           Provisions relating to Intellectual Property Appellate Board S.No. IP Law Relevant Provision… Continue Reading

An overview of copyright related rights

The field of copyright and related rights has expanded enormously during the last several decades with the spectacular progress of technological development that has, in turn, yielded new ways of disseminating creations by such forms of communication as satellite broadcasting… Continue Reading