Our Team

Siddhant Sharma

He is a final year techno legal student who loves to read and write about Patents. His peers describe him as an IP monomaniac. He finds joy in exploring niche areas of law and undertaking entrepreneurial endeavours. He is responsible for keeping the blog up and running.

Bharat Sharma

Bharat is a tech savvy lawpreneur and a final year student who is ambitious about working in the field of intellectual property and commercial laws. He is responsible for executing the expansion plans of the blog. He writes when its right!

Bhumika Sharma

Editor and Content Manager
Ms. Bhumika is currently a Ph.D Research Scholar at Himachal Pradesh University, India. Prior to her current stint as a research scholar, she was Assistant Professor at Dept. of Law, LLR Group of Institutes. She is passionate about writing on social and legal issues.